Comic 21 - The Light Eaters, Page 20
20th Feb 2014, 2:14 AM in 1
The Light Eaters, Page 20
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Author Notes:
Rosengeist edit delete
Quelle horreur!
User comments:
MsMegan edit delete reply
Cheekbones! Nicki is handsome.
Rosengeist edit delete reply
He can't help it if he's pretty! (tosses boa over shoulder)
Callista (Guest) edit delete reply
Just realized Helene is wearing the colors of the revolution. You sneaky artist, you :3 My bet is that she hasn't fainted but is trying to make a distraction before Nicki gets them in serious hot water
Rosengeist edit delete reply
Oh ho, someone has found me out. T_T My cover is blown! (Good eye though, I have to confess, it's really more a matter of them being good "hero" colors, but there is a bit of tricoleur intentionally on her.)

You may just be onto something. U_U
Callista (Guest) edit delete reply
They are good hero colors! That's interesting to take into consideration. I'm not an artist, so it's cool to hear about the thoughts that went into the designs!

Either way, her fainting scene is beautiful. I doubt I could make it look that elegant lol. Even if I faked it I'd probably just keel over backward
afraker edit delete reply
great fainting scene!
Rosengeist edit delete reply
Why thank you very much! :)