Comic 22 - The Light Eaters, Page 21
27th Feb 2014, 12:57 PM in 1
The Light Eaters, Page 21
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Author Notes:
Rosengeist edit delete
Soto voce!

Good news and bad(ish) news my lovely readers. Good news comes first, I got a new job, YEAHHHH! Bad news, it requires a cross country move and the computer (I have a heavy desktop) gets packed up tomorrow. Please, please do not assume that this means the comic is on hiatus. That being said, actual updates of pages may be a bit sporadic through March. I've got some treats and tidbits that I'll post over the next few weeks to tide you over, but while I move, I just can't guarantee that I'll actually be able to get on a computer to get the pages up as I'd like.

If anything, this move is good for the comic. Since my income will be a bit more stable, I should have a bit more time to devote to my baby once I get settled in.

More to come my lovelies. We're only about 3 pages away from the end of the first chapter. :)

User comments:
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
Congratulations on the new job! Excited, as always, for the next installment. Will wait for as long as needed.
Rosengeist edit delete reply
Thank you ever so much! I will do my utmost to be fast for you. :) You are an awesome fan! (All of you are awesome, really, but you get the especially awesome award for today.)