Comic 23 - Treats!
14th Mar 2014, 8:16 AM in 1
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Author Notes:
Rosengeist edit delete
Hello my lovelies!

No updates yet, I'm still working on packing for New York and starting my new job up there. In the mean time, enjoy this little treat. :) I'll post a few more up for you over the next week, and I may even let you see some of *gasp* the earliest pages...stuff from like 2008. ^^* (all for you my lovelies, all for you)

Once I post an update to the actual comic, I'll move this into an extra content folder. For the mean time I hope y'all enjoy. :)
User comments:
officiousMartyr (Guest) edit delete reply
A month or so ago i was running through the 'french revolution' tag on tumblr and came upon a link to this comic, and its absolutely fantastic! i cant wait for you to start writing again!
Rosengeist edit delete reply
Woah! Thank you! I've had to put the comic on hiatus because I took a new job in Nyc and had to move. Currently, I'm playing catch up on some other projects I've been on, but there are 3 more pages that just need dialogue before we reach the end of the chapter, and the script for the entire thing is typed up. :) It's still going though! The hiatus just ended up a bit extended. It's still on its way. :)